Pilates Studio

Pilates Essential Principles

Concentration - the key element in connection your mind and body. Concentrate throughout your exercise to use the power of your mind.

Control - the philosophy and basic foundation of Joseph Pilates are the idea of muscle control through the mind, without sloppy momentum driven movements.

Centering - use of the abdominal muscles between your rib cage and helps can lead to a flatter stomach, prevention of back pain, and better posture.

Breathing - learning how to coordinate deep inhaling and exhaling through each movement helps improve blood circulation and relaxation.

Fluidity - emphasizing the grace of motion rather than speed and not isolating movements.

Precision - focusing on precise and perfect movements over multiple sloppy movements.

If you are not experienced with Pilates we recommend our 50 minute evalutation and pilates workout. During this private session we'll focus on just you. We want to hear your goals and help customize a plan to get you the most out of your Pilates workouts. There will also be a chance to experince your first 30 minute guided Pilates workout with your Pilates instructor. Schedule now to get started on your Pilates practice!

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